My work investigates the multiple realities of the contemporary world. Drawing inspiration from fairy-tales and fables, I consider the power of fictional narratives to influence, reflect and become confused with reality. Working in mixed media, I create immersive installations that include sculpture, video and audio. The absurd environments I construct seek to induce an in-between state by blurring dichotomies, such as interior and exterior space, desire and repulsion, the masked and the revealed. The colour pink, which has paradoxical connotations, has the power to be both appealing and grotesque and is employed to heighten the uncertainty of the space.


My ideas for installations often evolve from the creation of sculptures and my interest in the contrast between physical and digital media. Within the environments that I create, I juxtapose the physicality and tactility of the handmade against smooth, seductive screens and surfaces, replicating our lived experience.

 © 2018 Megan Preston Elliott

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